Saturday, June 23, 2007

We are the Best Expert! [Phu Quoc, part II]

More photos from the island. I'm now about two posts behind real time. We're currrently in Hanoi, and I hope to begin those posts this week. Hanoi is Excellent.

But first, the shout out, to the Olympus D-490 zoom
and to Robert Smythe, who gave it to me. It has taken most of the photos posted so far on this blog, and has served me admirably. Many thanks Robert, and well-done D-490.

Okay. photos:

We are the Best Expert!

Some neat water effects. Again, I like the colors in this one:
And this optical effect:

Life on the beach:

The view from my bungalow's porch ($40/night):
The bungalow, from the beach:
The local flora:

One of the groundskeepers outside my bungalow:
I think he is mute - we communicated entirely by hand signs (if I hadn't seen him sign to others on the staff, I would have assumed he had figured out that hand signals were easier than trying to speak Vietnamese to me).

Next, a boat ride, Rach Gia, and the Field.


Jennifer A said...

It all looks lovely; whether that's the camera, the eye or the Hand of God. In Seattle life is all storms and sun and ungodly Mariners-defeats (16-0! Holy Shit!), and I'm learning Greek Grammar and interrogating Gratitude. Gr. Gracias por the postcard; my gratitude is all yours.

Viet Pat said...

For those who care about such things, it takes about two weeks (mebbe a little less?) for a postcard to get from Ho Chi Minh City to the US. Better than I would have thought.

Viet Pat said...

PS -- sorry about the Mariners. I saw in the local gov't news agency rag today that the Orioles beat the Yankees (!). although where, and when, that happened I couldna say; there may be a time warp involved.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blogs